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This is me, going CRAZY!

I have not sewn a single tiny little itty bitty stitch in 3 weeks as of today.

I am officially going through some major withdrawals.

So I decided to make a quilt fast and cute for my new 5th grandbaby :)

I will let you know how it turns out.

I'm Interviewing @CaraQuilts About the Charity Challenge

I have exciting news! This coming weekend I am hosting an online event called The New Life Event.

It is super cool and it is all about giving back.

Cara from CaraQuilts is giving back too with her Charity Challenge and I will be interviewing her at 6:00 PM Eastern on my radio show Ecom Experts.

You can listen live and join the chat room by going to:

You will have tons of fun and meet new friends too!


It has been officially two weeks since I have been able to sew.
  • Things are crazy with my business
  • Things are crazy with opening the quilt store
  • Things are crazy getting ready for the New Life Event
  • Things are crazy with my arthritis.
I just can't seem to find a second to sew.

The worst part, my sewing machine sits next to me all day and all night. Taunting me with every second.

"Shawna... you know you want me."

On the other side of me, the quilting machine and frame taunting me.

"Shawna... come on. Play with me."

Me. Stuck in the middle of these two working.

One day I will take a picture of my studio/working room/everything I love room that my hubby has been making for me.

For now, here is one side. It is a wonderful walk out basement and I love being able to work from home.

But... can you hear the taunting?


Now let me hold my breath and jump up and down because I can't play.

Temper tantrum over.

I will get back to work now.

Got Twins? Then You Need 2 Adorable Quilts!

My twins turned 3 and of course, Grandma had to make them a quilt.

Kayla and Kyliee picked out their own fabric and I went to work!

The result, so cute!!

The above quilt I made for Kayla. She is really a Girlie Girl so this fabric suited her well.
For Kyliee, she is a little more tomboy so I understood why she picked out Hoopla.

I wish I could have gotten a picture of both of them opening their presents. It was SO cute!!
As soon as they take them out, they snuggled.

Don't you just love that??

Then she showed her sister. Darn I wish we had pictures of Kayla's quilt being open too but, what can you do when you have 2 of them furiously opening up presents *laughing*

Now for the super secret. I pieced together these tops in 4 hours - yes BOTH of them in 4 hours. They are so easy and so fast to make that I decided to create a tutorial on how to do them. 

If you want something super cute and super fast, you might like making these! 

I created a tutorial showing step by step how to make these super fast and super Easy Baking Layer Cake Quilts.

P.S. Thank you Moe for telling me about the quilts from Moda Bakeshop. Their mom decided it had too much white for little girls. After second thought, I had to agree *laughing*

New Giveaway - This is so cool!

I am so excited to tell you about my next giveaway!

I have done it - I have opened the new quilt store!!

I am so excited about it and could not wait to share the news with you!!

To celebrate, I am doing all kinds of giveaways plus I have all kinds of specials AND I am including all kinds of free gifts with orders.

So, for all the details head on over to the 1 Choice 4 Quilting Blog for more details.

SOOOO excited!! Hope you love it too :)

A Quilt for Our Son Josh

I wanted to make something really quick for my son Josh and I know he wanted something for his bed.

The problem, he sleeps with a Pit with long nails. Anything with lots of seams...not going to work.

So I grabbed a panel with deer, put HUGE borders around it, and viola you have a HUGE blanket for a bed.

I kind of feel guilty. Like maybe it isn't good enough but, he LOVES it.

So after this, I get to go back to super pretty. It's my granddaughters birthday! Since they are twins... I gotta make two of them fast!!

I have until February 5th. Wonder if I can do this and get the new store opened by this weekend. IKES!

Oh yeah, notice all those boxes? They are from Moda! They came with GORGEOUS fabric!!

Mother In Law Quilt - Pattern By Jaybird Quilts

This was such a beautiful kit to put together! A little bit of jelly, a little bit of sashing, and a whole lot of gorgeous.

"Boxed In" with Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree

I made this for my awesome mother in law for Christmas and it was the very first quilt I completed on my new Mega Quilter and frame.

"Boxed In" with Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree

Don't you love the way quilts look after being washed?

"Boxed In" with Fresh Cottons by Fig Tree

Thank you Jaybird for the great pattern!


The new store will hopefully be opened by this weekend! *cross your fingers*

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